I have a recurring dream. What happens in the dream differs each time, it is the location that remains the same.

In each dream I am in a house with unusually shaped rooms. For example, there is a room with two levels and a rounded, all glass wall. Beyond this massive window is a conservatory, also rounded, always empty. The room is not large so the two levels make it awkward to furnish. Sometimes it contains a dining table, sometimes a sofa and chair; neither fits well in the space available.

The room is reached through a hallway, beyond which is a kitchen. The kitchen is large and airy with a door leading out to a gravelled parking area. Tall, wooden gates allow entry to the property from the road beyond. It is on a corner, near a busy junction.

The other side of the kitchen leads to a typical utility room which has a little used door. Beyond this door is a long corridor with several rooms off it, all on one side. This part of the house reminds me of a set of classrooms in a school. The rooms are large, square and contain random, untidy, seemingly abandoned items. The rooms feel cold and unused except as storage. In my dreams I am perplexed as to why so much available space has not been utilised.

The garden beyond the two levelled room is long and thin. It is laid to lawn, surrounded by trees and shrubs. The house and garden are bounded by a high wall, beyond which is the busy road. In my dreams I do not leave the house.

Dreams are strange things. I understand the science behind them; that our brains are processing thoughts, images and memories; that we only remember a portion of what we dream and only then if we wake after a certain type of sleep. What spooks me a little about this house is that I have no recollection of ever being in such a place, yet I keep dreaming about it in such detail.

I wonder if I will ever go somewhere and recognise it as the house from my dreams. I am unsure if I want this to happen or not.

Recurring Dream and Apocalypse of Darkness


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