Book Review: Freefall Into Us


Freefall Into Us, by Tess Rosa Ruiz, is a collection of poems and short stories on lust and life. There is a lot of sex: blatant, explicit fantastical sex. Despite this I felt that there was an innocence to the writing, a lack of cynicism.

The theme running throughout the book is that a fulfilled life requires fulfilling sex; that contentment is found in orgasm, and that this is what people seek. Readers may judge for themselves how much empathy they feel with such a point of view.

The author’s use of language is energetic and assured. She holds nothing back. There is passion and depth to the pieces: explicitly described desire, anger at illness, despair in grief. There are many intimate descriptions of sexual feelings and encounters.

Within each piece, attraction is based on physical beauty which is closely followed by lust. There is an occasional suggestion of same sex fantasies, but what is explored is one on one heterosexual.

There is one poem which acknowledges that love need not equate to sex: ‘Friends’

“I have this friend.

This male friend.

You know, the one that

Holds you

When you hug?”

I felt challenged by this book, by the emotions it engendered. I also felt irritated that there seemed no recognition that attraction had more depth than sexual chemistry, that in long term relationships sex is not the be all and end all.

However, perhaps for some people it is that important. Perhaps this is the book for them.

My copy of this book was provided gratis by the publisher, Urbane Publications.


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