Book Review: Daisy In Chains


Daisy In Chains, by Sharon Bolton, is a psychological thriller that grabs the reader’s attention from the off and doesn’t let go. The tension and sense of foreboding that permeates each page make it hard to put down. This is a book that will demand you read just one more of the short chapters until the end.

The protagonist, Maggie Rose, is a true crime writer and lawyer who has made her name overturning the convictions of murderers. She takes on few cases as she is only interested in those she is convinced she can win. When she is approached by supporters of Hamish Wolfe, a handsome doctor serving a life term for the murder of three young women, she is reluctant to engage as she can see no immediate flaws in his conviction. This is unacceptable to his fan club. Apparently it is a thing that felons acquire fans who adore them and care little for what they have done to warrant incarceration.

Maggie shows no desire to take on the Wolfe appeal but is intrigued by the web surrounding the man. She is befriended by the policeman who led the investigation into his crimes, whose career could be at stake if she were to become involved. His concern for her welfare, especially when Wolfe’s supporters find out where she lives, starts to penetrate her carefully cultivated reserve.

Throughout the telling of the tale clues are given which made me think I knew where the plot was heading only to discover that while I may have guessed correctly this was simply another thread leading elsewhere. The twists and turns are chilling, unexpected and suffused with a darkness I found delicious to explore. The characters are intriguing, each planting questions in the reader’s mind as to motivation and how this meshes with the plot. 

Wolfe’s victims were overweight and the insights into how popular society regards fat girls was poignant. The advice given on how to disappear and remain hidden were an interesting aside.

The denouement ties together the many strands whilst leaving a little space for reader interpretation. The questions over who was using who and why are answered. There is much to ponder around the after of a prize so hard won.

A highly enjoyable read for fans of this genre. The author is a master at her art. Treat yourself by picking up this book.

My copy of this book was provided gratis by the publisher, Bantam Press.


2 comments on “Book Review: Daisy In Chains

  1. Really looking forward to reading this now!

  2. I’ve just started reading this. Your review has me even more intrigued. I’m really enjoying it so far. ( at chapter 16).

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