Book Review: I Let You Go


I Let You Go, by Clare Mackintosh, is a twisty, turny psychological thriller that will keep the reader guessing right up to the chilling last page. It starts with a fatal hit and run on a rain soaked residential street in Bristol. Unable to face what has happened, Jenna Gray leaves her home to try to make a fresh start in a remote cottage in South Wales. Here she finds kindly locals who, although curious about her past, allow her the space to keep her secrets. She discovers that secrets can be difficult to escape.

Back in Bristol Detective Inspector Ray Stevens is trying to trace the driver of the hit and run. He has few leads. Kate Evans, a capable Detective Constable on his team, is determined not to let the case rest. Ray admires her tenacity, but finds himself drawn to her in other ways. With his home life making greater demands than he feels able to give, he turns to Kate for relief.

In Jenna’s past is a husband, Ian, who she met whilst at university. The details of their relationship are disquieting to read.

The story is expertly crafted. There are moments when what had seemed clear gets turned on its head. The sense of foreboding oozes as clues are offered and direction changes. Even as threads start to come together the tension remains.

This is a standout addition to a crowded genre. I read the book in a sitting as I had to know what would come next. The characters are well rounded, the subject at the book’s heart disturbingly believeable. A recommended read.


One comment on “Book Review: I Let You Go

  1. tripfiction says:

    Great review, thank you. I was surprised by “the twist” and didn’t see it coming…

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