Author Interview: Angelena Boden


Today I am once again delighted to welcome Angelena Boden to my blog. Angelena is the author of ‘The Cruelty of Lambs’, which I review here.

1. You have done what so many writers dream of and had your novel published. How have you found this experience?

Writing The Cruelty of Lambs was in part a cathartic exercise. Being a survivor of psychological abuse I felt I was using my main character’s voice to express repressed feelings. I finished the first draft very quickly, writing for 4 hours every morning. It was the endless drafting and redrafting that was the really hard work!

2. Urbane require collaboration with authors in marketing their books. Has this worked out as you expected?

I have over 30 years of running my own business and collaboration with partners has been critical to its success. I think the days of authors handing over their creation to publishers and sitting back while the money rolls in are long gone. Urbane is ultimately in the driving seat but I’ve been working hard to raise the discovery of the book through social media, bringing on board my own PR consultant for TV contacts and proactively putting my story out there. As a professional trainer and presenter, I am already getting offers to talk on coercive control, a hidden form of domestic abuse.

3. Have you done many live author events and, if so, do you enjoy them?

I’ve got a book launch at Waterstones in Birmingham on November 23rd thanks to local contacts – the book is set in Birmingham – a signing in my current home town of Malvern on December 7th , one in Bakewell, where I grew up on Monday November 21st and one next January in Ludlow, Shropshire. I was interviewed on Sky Sunrise on Nov 12th which was a great experience. I hope for many more. My book is not only a gripping read, so say the reviewers, but also raises awareness about an issue people don’t want to admit exists.

4. What is your approach to the on line reviews of your book?

I wrote a recent blog piece about how to handle reviews (link here). I am grateful for people who have given up a few hours of their time to read the book and accept their opinions. I don’t engage in dialogue. If they are negative but have something useful to add to my learning then I take it on board.

5. When asked what you do, do you describe yourself as a writer?

I’ve had a fabulous career as an international trainer until I semi- retired aged 60. These days I do on line coaching and counselling for people who are struggling to make sense of their lives and of course writing but in answer to your question, to call myself an author is …. Well I have to pinch myself! It’s my childhood dream come true.

6. Are you going to do this again – is there another novel in the pipeline?

My second book is finished and has just come back from beta readers. It’s called The Future Can’t Wait and tackles another gritty topic that is swept under the carpet and yes… controversial as well. I hope to keep writing until I drop!

Where my readers can find you


Twitter: The Cruelty of Lambs (@AngelenaBoden)

Facebook: bodenangelena


Angelena Boden has spent over thirty years training, coaching and counselling in the field of interpersonal conflict and communication. As a linguist, she has lived and worked overseas, travelled extensively and spent periods in Iran where she learned Farsi.

She is the author of three business books, published by Management Pocketbooks Ltd and is a freelance journalist.

A former resident and graduate of Birmingham, the setting for The Cruelty of Lambs, she is a passionate defender of a city she believes is misunderstood.


The Cruelty of Lambs is published by Urbane Publications and is available to buy now.



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  1. Angelena Boden says:

    Hi please may I correct the website address.

    It’s common to default to the regular Angelina spelling at times 😊

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