There now follows a short intermission

I am taking a hiatus from writing. Not for long, just enough to recharge my batteries. This year has felt full on with books, events and family commitments. My capacity to cope is jittering so I am taking a short time out in an attempt to ground myself.

My children were all home for an extended Easter holiday which was a delight. I also determined to take more walks, more swims, and to return the the gym. These activities felt right for me but were demanding of time. My reviewing rate took the hit.

A number of friends and associates, some longstanding, cut ties with me for reasons they did not explain. Social media is a boon for keeping in touch when face to face socialising is regarded as a challenge; it can be damaging when armed as rejection.

No matter how often I remind myself that other’s reactions and opinions shouldn’t matter, they have an impact.

These are the books on my TBR pile being published in May. I am eager to read them all and will endeavour to post my reviews around publication. Books remain my solace and I am working on not feeling pressurised by self-imposed commitments and deadlines.

All being well I will continue with my walks, swims and the gym. I also have trips away planned with family – there is much to look forward to. Perhaps I will write about some of these activities. Writing is my way of processing the turbulence of life although I do not always publish such musings.

I want in this post to thank the generous community of writers, especially book bloggers, who share my posts on social media. I rarely thank you personally but please know that your support is always very much appreciated. I have needed the warm fuzzies such kindness generates recently.

For now, I am not going far. I am not cutting ties. Back soon xx


12 comments on “There now follows a short intermission

  1. Angelena Boden says:

    Jackie I know how you feel. Have a refreshing break and enjoy time for you. Xxx

  2. Amy Walters says:

    Sometimes a break is the best thing to recharge. I hope this blesses you and refreshes you. Amy

  3. Enjoy your break and I wish you all the best. Happy relaxing!

  4. Joanne says:

    Take care Jackie x

  5. lollyrugs says:

    Enjoy your break Jackie I took some time away from social media and blogging. I think it definitely helps to have time away and concentrate things that are important to us, but we don’t always have the time for. Take care x

  6. Anne Williams says:

    Enjoy your break Jackie – I think we all need that hiatus from time to time to fully recharge our batteries…

  7. Hope you have a relaxing break Jackie. Look after yourself. X

  8. Enjoy and make the most of your time away Jackie, take care x

  9. J A Vennall says:

    Have a lovely break, Jackie, and take care of yourself xx

  10. RamblingLisa says:

    Sometimes social media is a curse. We all need to recharge sometimes! Enjoy yourself x

  11. ronnieturner says:

    Hope you have a lovely break! x

  12. The Quiet Knitter says:

    Take care Jackie xx

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