Live on air – BBC Wiltshire summer reads segment, Week 3

On Monday of this week I enjoyed my third guest slot recommending a summer read to listeners of BBC Wiltshire’s afternoon show. On arrival I discovered that James Thomas, the usual presenter, was not hosting. In his place was Karen Gardner who ran the show in a slightly different way. Even with my limited experience I have learned that taking part in a live broadcast involves an element of unpredictability. The preparation I had done was useful but much was not featured (the book read over weekend, my planned reading). This week’s show focused solely on the one book I was recommending.

We that are young, written by Preti Taneja and published by Galley Beggar Press, was my book of the year last year. It is a big book, ideal for those who like to immerse themselves in a compelling story.

As well as discussing the format and plot of my recommended title we talked about literary prizes – We that are young won this year’s Desmond Elliott Prize for debut novels – and their importance, especially for the smaller presses, in raising the profile of particular books.

Karen had told me beforehand that she listened to audio books so was interested to hear that We that are young has recently been made available in this format.

If interested you may listen to the radio segment, which lasts just over 6 minutes, here.

I will be returning to the studio next week to recommend another summer read. I feel privileged to have been offered this opportunity to bring excellent books to the attention of listeners.


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