Looking forward to 2019

I will be starting to read my 2019 ARCs over the festive break as several are due to be published in early January. Below are those I have received to date. Don’t they look enticing?

Missing from the above pile is my ARC of Leonard and Hungry Paul by Ronan Hession. Bluemoose Books have, to my knowledge, posted two copies to me, neither of which has yet been delivered. Hopefully the Post Office will rectify this soon.

This is not the only book sent but not received – and an author signed poster sent by Galley Beggar Press hasn’t arrived. The ongoing and apparently widespread issue of missing post is incredibly frustrating for everyone involved.


There are always new books being published that I am eager to get hold of, despite the size of my TBR pile. The following are just a few that I would be happy to receive*

(*attempts winning smile at publicists with access to any of these).


The Fire Starters by Jan Carson, to be published in April by Doubleday
Constellations by Sinéad Gleeson, to be published in April by Picador


Tiger by Polly Clark, to be published in May by Quercus
Lowborn by Kerry Hudson, to be published in May by Chatto & Windus 


The Testaments by Margaret Atwood, to be published in September by Chatto & Windus
The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern, to be published in November by Harvill Secker

Breaking and Mending by Joanna Cannon, to be published in the autumn by the Wellcome Collection and Profile Books
The third novella based on Child Ballads from Joanne M. Harris (illustrated by Bonnie Helen Hawkins), to be published by Gollancz.


Not highlighted above but always eagerly anticipated and read as quickly as I can manage are the books I receive from the wonderful small presses. A special thank you and shout out to Galley Beggar Press, Salt Publishing, Peirene Press, Influx Press, Dead Ink Press, Comma Press, Tangerine Press, Eye and Lightning Books, and Pushkin Press who have been generous with their books this past year.

I am constantly considering how I could better run my blog and social media presence but am wary of appearing to consider myself more than a tiny voice in a vast arena. I remain uncomfortable with some of the comments I see online by or about those referred to as influencers, especially when their opinions appear self-important, didactic or even bullying. My aim remains to offer information and, perhaps, inspiration to those looking for their next great read.

As a book blogger privileged to receive ARCs it is too easy to feel a need to provide a regular number of posts that then becomes a challenge to maintain. I would not be doing the books I review justice if they were rushed or read under pressure. I will be seeking a better balance between my online and offline lives in the coming year.

My other resolution is to read more from my TBR pile. I have had some passive aggressive feedback recently from self-published authors whose books I agreed to review before I decided to stop accepting such works – books I have not yet managed to read despite good intentions. While these messages are unlikely to make me prioritise a title they do remind me that I have many books I want to pick up that are not fresh publications.

As an aside, most authors who contact me are lovely. I have received more words of support and thanks than reproval. I believe it is mostly understood that I am doing my best.

What books are coming out in 2019 that I have missed? What are you looking forward to reading?

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7 comments on “Looking forward to 2019

  1. The Bobosphere says:

    A great post!!! I agree with you regarding the bullying nature of influencers, what bothers me a bit more though is when they are ready to show off books which are given to them by publishers but never ever read them! Just keep on what you’re doing. I like reading your down to earth, honest reviews. As for my 2019 wishlist – that will be out tomorrow 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas Jackie. I hope you have a truly wonderful break with best wishes for 2019 x

  3. Lovely post Jackie. I’ve been eyeing my 2019 books and I have already read a few coming out then. I love your blog. I think those of us who are chipping away are just as important as the big guns out there! Have a lovely Christmas and a happy, healthy 2019.

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