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Last week I was over at Shelf Absorption answering their questions about my books and how I organise my shelves.

shelf absorption

Jackie Law
Wiltshire, England

Tell us about your bookcases
A number of years ago we had an extension built at the back of our house and I took over what had been the dining room as ‘a room of my own’. It’s actually a bit of a cave off the family room – there are no windows – but it has my desk, piano, comfy chair and, initially, a random assortment of bookcases that were always surrounded by stacks of books on the floor. Eventually it was decided that I could have custom built floor to ceiling shelves to house my ever growing collection (I am fortunate to receive a lot of book post) the idea being that this would remove the need to store books on the floor. Ha! The one thing I’d like to add is a ladder as I’m not tall enough to reach the top shelves…

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2 comments on “to be read

  1. BookerTalk says:

    Floor to ceiling shelves – so, so envious. My books are stuffed everywhere around the house…..

  2. Glynis says:

    What a great tour of your bookshelves. Like you I can let most books go with the belief that I can always buy it again if I need to – there are very few that I keep. I am with you 100% on Rónán Hession’s ‘Leonard and Hungry Paul’ and eagerly await his next book. But I am in completely in the opposite camp when it comes to bedside reading as it’s one of my favourite spots (and times) to indulge!

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