Edward Explores – An Introduction

edward in brecon

By quite some margin, the most read and shared post on my blog, year after year, is one I wrote in 2014: 10 Common Misconceptions About Teddy Bears. The very fine bear featured is called Edward Gainsborough. He is a small, jointed bear handmade by the now defunct English Teddy Bear Company. I believe the business was bought by Harrods who promptly closed it down – presumably to remove competition to sales of their own brand of delightful bears. I was saddened to see it go.

I recently received a message from a reader who asked if I still had Edward. Of course I do! And he still accompanies me on all my best adventures, even if these have been somewhat curtailed over the past year. The reader asked for more teddy bear content on the blog which prompted me to consider an occasional series. For my book loving readers who have no interest in bears, these posts will be clearly titled to ensure they may be ignored if desired.

Pictured above is Edward on a rock in Brecon, on the English / Welsh border. When the sun is shining he loves to be out and about (rain plays havoc with joints so is best avoided). Along with many people, he has missed going on his regular adventures. So what has Edward been doing during this time? Read on for the update requested.

edward in window

When the first COVID lockdown began it became obvious that people who were suddenly confined to their local areas and, perhaps, worried by the ongoing media frenzy, needed something to add cheer to their days. Teddy bears are, of course, ideal for such a task. The village where Edward lives organised a bear hunt – bears placed in street facing windows to wave at passers by as they took their daily exercise. Edward joined some of his Merrythought Bear friends who understood the importance of this enterprise.

edward and doctor snuggles

Unlike humans, teddy bears do not require exercise to remain healthy. Nevertheless, given the global concerns caused by the pandemic, Edward thought it best to have his heart checked by an expert. It was no surprise to anyone when Dr Snuggles (an upcycled bear from Susie’s Button Bears) declared that Edward has enough love for everyone. Teddy bears are always available to offer comforting hugs and listen to concerns without judgement. They truly are ideal companions.

edward hibernates

With few opportunities to travel, Edward has spent much of his time in bed. Naturally, a little sustenance is required from time to time to keep him in tip top condition. He prefers cake to bread, even sourdough. Although missing his visits to tea shops, he has remained cheerfully stoic and provided much solace to his resident bearers.


To help pass the time, Edward has also been reading. He enjoys discussing stories with his friends, even those that do not involve his own exploits. This book is a particular favourite – one of three written by Mawson, an author bear who lives in Australia. As well as providing unconditional love, teddy bears often share wise thoughts if listened to carefully.

edward and bok bok

In troubled times it is important to look for the positives. Celebrations may have been muted due to imposed restrictions but special occasions have still been enjoyed at home. Edward has joined his friends and adopted family to mark Christmas, birthdays and Easter. A teddy bear’s presence is always an asset, bringing as they do smiles and appreciation of the many simple pleasures available to all when looked for.

edward celebrates

Edward is hopeful that travel will again be permitted from later this month that he may venture further and, once again, explore our beautiful world with his bearers. He raises a glass to your good health and hopes you will return to read about wherever he goes next.


16 comments on “Edward Explores – An Introduction

  1. I adore teddy bears and have my eye on another right now!

  2. MarinaSofia says:

    My Tsumpi looks very like Edwards – except I’ve had him from the age of three, so he’s lost a lot of hair and stuffing, has bald patches and has been sewn up to within an inch of his life. Much loved for decades though!

    • Annette says:

      Pockets loves to read about fellow bear Edward and friends, and lives a very similar lifestyle. Pockets is always picking up small objects and placing them in his pocket.
      Looking forward to the next blog x

    • Jackie Law says:

      Bears wear their scars with pride as proof of the comfort and love given 🙂

  3. BookerTalk says:

    Seeing Edward with all those smart outfits has made our household bears feel very grumpy. Sebastian complained that he has the same red hat and scarf he was given when he first arrived in the house and Coe grumbled that his leather bomber jacket is now very old fashioned..

  4. Rose Brick says:

    O my gosh, yay! I am so happy that Edward is back. I am so looking forward to teddy bear posts!

  5. Rose Brick says:

    I cant believe you are actually doing this! Thank you so much for doing my suggestion

  6. I love Teddy Bears and have a small collection. Your travelling Teddy reminded me of a practical joke we played when I was working in Queensland Australia. One of the nurses came from NSW. There’s great rivalry between the two states. She had a concrete cockroach which we ‘borrowed’ after State of Origin one year. Queensland (Cane Toads) had won, and we left a note saying he had defected. Then every time one of us went anywhere we would take a photo of her cockroach in a cafe, or sightseeing, or on the beach, and send it to her. It drove her nuts. We ‘returned’ it after a year. It was great fun but the damned thing was heavy!

  7. Rose Brick says:

    Reblogged this on Rose’s Teddy Bear World and commented:
    Yay! Edward has a brand new series 🧸

  8. Oh wow, Edward is reading a book we know very well. Yay!

  9. Reblogged this on Mawson Bear and commented:
    Hello Fellow Baffled Ones.

    Jackie Law writes a popular and entertaining review blog called Never Imitate. Way back when our Mawson was finding his way as a writer-bear, Jackie with Edward and his friends kindly looked at his first book, Its A Bright World To Feel Lost In. Edward gave it paws up for fellow bears- and all who love them.

    Now Edward emerges himself in a series of little posts about his own adventures in the bright world. Click on below to read this ‘Reblog’ and you will also see more of his posts too. Enjoy.

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