Edward Explores: Eating out at his local pub

edward at pub

Edward has been on an adventure this month, which pleased him greatly. With restaurants permitted to reopen after lockdown, enquiries were made at his local pub. Hurray! Restrictions have been lifted and customers are being made to feel welcome again. Younger bearer decided it was time to go out for his delayed celebratory birthday meal. Edward likes birthdays. 

Always eager to be appropriately dressed, Edward chose carefully based on the heavy rain that fell on the day selected for the outing. Thankfully, by the time everyone was ready to walk to the venue, clouds had cleared.

The friendly waiting staff offered a table by bookshelves, giving Edward an excellent vantage point from which to observe proceedings. Drinks were ordered along with a sharing platter. Edward was not entirely convinced this was for him.

Edward eats sharing platter

After a lengthy wait, during which Edward had time to peruse several books, more appealing portions were delivered. These looked very tasty.

Edward eats chocolate brownie edward eats biscoff cheesecake Edward eats sticky toffee pudding

From chocolate brownie, biscoff cheesecake and sticky toffee pudding, Edward chose the brownie. He had to try quite a lot of each before coming to this decision. They were all delicious.

As well as eating out, Edward has welcomed two new friends who came to live with him. 

edward and bumble Edward meets Oskar

Bungle is a rescue bear, spotted in a charity shop window and brought home to comfort youngest bearer who had been feeling a little down. Edward has never been able to understand how loyal and undemanding bears end up in such places but is pleased that Bungle – who provides excellent cuddles – has now been given a new forever home.

Oskar is a one of a kind bear from Susie’s Button Bears, purchased to celebrate a bearer’s new job. He mostly lives on her bookshelves along with some other bears from her extensive sleuth.

Edward hopes you are all keeping as well as is possible in these trying times. He is looking forward to further adventures while his bearers remain free to take him out and about again.


7 comments on “Edward Explores: Eating out at his local pub

  1. I think Edward’s choice of the brownie was excellent!

  2. BookerTalk says:

    What a treat that must have been after so many months confined to the house (I suspect he didn’t join you on your cycling trips or jogging sessions)

    • Jackie Law says:

      I have taken him on short bike trips, for local picnics and such like. I attach a basket bought specially that contains a comfy cushion and a bear sized seatbelt. He also comes on walks from time to time, peeking out from the top of a rucksack. I think he prefers cheering on the jogging rather than taking part…

  3. Rose says:

    Yay! Edward is starting to be able to do his favorite things again. Whats his favorite food?

    • Jackie Law says:

      With afternoon tea his favourite food is cake, double layered, with butter icing rather than fondant. Knowing the importance of a varied diet he opts for a different flavour each time. If he stays up late, to accompany us to dinner, he often chooses a rich chocolate brownie. For a light snack he will have a cookie.

  4. alessi101 says:

    It is lovely to see that Edward had such a nice time 🙂

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