Blondie Review: Chummys Bakery


Chummys Bakery are a West Midlands based producer of freshly baked sweet treats that can be ordered online and posted nationwide for delivery on a date requested by the customer. Brownies, blondies, rocky road and cookies are available in a deliciously decadent range of flavours. The goodies are carefully packed in boxes of six or twelve specified items. For those who enjoy variety a selection box may be requested containing twelve of the company’s best selling brownies and cookies. If given as a gift, all orders have the option of a personalised message card.

Chummys contacted me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing some of their products. This sounded like a task I could enjoy immensely.


The box of treats arrived within the two hour window specified in the email received the day before, informing me it was on its way. The box kept the items secure with the pretty packaging adding to the anticipation in unwrapping. I received six blondies, generously sized, the flavours being:

  • Jammie Dodger
  • Custard Cream
  • Malteasers
  • Kinder Bueno
  • Lemon & Blueberry
  • Twix & Rolo

An information card gave details of what was included. It advised that the products be eaten within three to five days, although they can be stored in an airtight container for up to a week. It was also advised that they be warmed up in the microwave for that special, gooey centre experience.

IMG_20220706_110917545 (1)

With six large blondies to eat I called in the services of my willing team of tasters. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

My hard to please husband described his Custard Cream blondie as of restaurant pudding quality – and he eats out in some fabulous places. He briefly microwaved it as instructed and then added a topping of just a little cream.

Daughter took the Twix & Rolo and then the Jammie Dodger to enjoy on her night shift breaks during a busy week on the wards. Her 2am feedback informed me ‘it’s nice’ (she was tired!). Due to time constraints only the second was heated. She agreed with the advice given that this improves the eating experience.

Elder son enjoyed the Lemon & Blueberry, heating it before eating. He described it as a richly satisfying pudding with the blueberry working well to complement other flavours.

Younger son taste tested the Malteasers and then polished off my Kinder Bueno. He reckoned the bases were similar but when heated the inside became ‘really yummy and gooey’. He agreed these were of decent restaurant quality – succulent and pleasurable, not to be rushed.

Collage Maker-09-Jul-2022-04.05-PM

Summarising, after all were finished, the consensus was that these blondies were: ‘yummy’, ‘rich’, ‘tasty’ – a real treat.

I was impressed that such products could be ordered so easily for home consumption. Given the quality, they are good value too.

Thank you to Chummys for inviting me to participate in this collaboration. I’d happily recommend these products to anyone looking to indulge themselves or a fortunate friend.

My box of treats was provided gratis by the bakery.


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