Edward Explores: North Devon

Northcote skull

Edward has recently been on an active holiday, making the most of the fine autumn weather to join his bearers on walks in North Devon. He stayed in the grounds of a former monastery – you may read about the fine hotel where he ate and slept here. He was a tad concerned about the skull he found in the garden but then it is now spooky season. Perhaps an ancient monk is preparing for Samhain.

Edward likes to tell his friends back home of his adventures. Charlie, a lively little Steiff bear, had been asking if he could come along on one of these exciting sounding trips away. Charlie can be quite a handful at times, but it was decided that he could join Edward. Both welcomed the company when not out and about.

The Devon countryside has many undulations. Edward particularly enjoyed walking the Tarka Trail and then ascending Codden Hill. He sat in the sun for some time enjoying the views from the summit, only leaving when a large dog approached. Edward likes dogs but from a distance as he’s never sure what they might do to him!

Walks through woodland were also enjoyed. In one conifer plantation – not Edward’s favourite type of wood as he prefers variety and native trees that better support diverse ecosystems – he came across a large stone. Apparently the late Queen had been here before him. Her tree has grown well in the interim.

After his exertions it was important to refuel. Afterwards, Edward would retire to his bedroom to tell Charlie all about his day. Charlie could have joined him in the restaurant but it turns out he is actually quite shy with strangers. The prospect of being noticed, as Edward always is, was a worry. He preferred to stay safe in bed each evening, waiting for his friend’s return.

Edward also explored the hotel and met its resident bear who sits in reception. He was advised that the grounds were interesting so went for another walk through these, concurring that there was much to see. Liquid refreshments were enjoyed in the comfy lounge areas. Edward also found a throne that he thought suited him well.

On his final day in Devon, Edward enjoyed a less hilly walk, exploring a canal and former railway line. He persuaded Charlie that they would not draw too much attention here and it could be fun to spend the whole day together. Charlie was very brave and now has tales of his own to tell.

Edward devon canal

It was a lovely few days away made all the better by having a companion to share it with. Having satisfied his curiosity Charlie is now happy to stay at home where he has returned to his best, bouncy self. Edward, on the other hand, is looking forward to one more trip away before it is time for bears to hibernate. You will be invited to read all about this upcoming adventure next month.


3 comments on “Edward Explores: North Devon

  1. Thanks for sharing Edward’s travels. ❤📚

  2. I’m delighted Charlie was on his best behaviour with Edward!

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