Edward Explores: New Year New Friends

Edward New Year 23

Being a bear, Edward mostly hibernates through the winter months. He did, however, want to wish all his friends good health and happiness for 2023. He hopes readers have enjoyed hearing of his explores throughout the past year. He looks forward to further adventures to come and to sharing his thoughts on them with those interested.

Edward is obviously a very good bear as he received the gift of two new friends for Christmas (he also received a chocolate bear in his stocking but that may have been eaten…).

On Edward’s left is Auberon, a German made bear of possible royal descent who has a Very Important Job to undertake. He is perfectly sized to sit between the gearstick and dashboard of Chief Bearer’s German made, small black car. Chief Bearer does not enjoy driving, believing her bicycle to be much safer, so having a bear to provide comfort on car journeys is a necessity. Auberon will also look after any other family drivers, especially those who help Chief Bearer by acting as her chauffeur. Doesn’t he look smart in his uniform?

On Edward’s right is Oliver, a Merrythought bear so handmade in England. Oliver is very soft and cuddly and has proven himself particularly friendly and inquisitive. He has been making the acquaintance of other bears who live in Edward’s house, rarely remaining where Chief Bearer thought she had left him. He enjoys frequent sleepovers with new friends, being particularly taken with the dragons Youngest Bearer has collected over the years. It is lovely to see that Oliver has settled in so quickly.

Although a time for family and indulgences, the festive season can be challenging at times. Edward has therefore been quietly offering his unconditional support exactly when needed throughout the past few weeks. He hopes that if any readers feel anxious or down they have a bear of their own to provide comfort. He sends many virtual hugs and good wishes to all.

Happy New Year.


5 comments on “Edward Explores: New Year New Friends

  1. Happy New Year Edward. I look forward to further adventures and maybe one day to introduce you to the new bear addition in the Hill house – Pierre – who travelled all the way from France to join us!

  2. Rose says:

    So nice to see Edward again! Have a happy new year!

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