Author Interview and Guest Post Index

A list of the authors I have interviewed or hosted on my blog.

Sarah Benwell (now Fox Benwell)

Angelena Boden (guest post)

Angelena Boden (interview)

James Calum Campbell

Anthony Cartwright

Alex Christofi

David Churchill

Patty Yumi Cottrell

Liz Cowley and Donough O’Brien

Emma Curtis

Lesley Downer

Piu Eatwell

Lyn Farrell

Helen Fitzgerald

Miranda Gold

Neil Griffiths

Tara Guha

JM Gulvin

Paul E. Hardisty

Ariana Harwicz

Emily Hauser

Sarah Hilary (interview)

Sarah Hilary (guest post)

Thomas Hocknell

Eva Holland

Sarah Jasmon

Dinah Jefferies

Matt Johnson

Stephen Lloyd Jones

Sanjida Kay (interview – Bone by Bone)

Sanjida Kay (interview – The Stolen Child)

Janet Kelly

E.J. Kay

Jess Law

Adrian Magson

Guy Mankowski

Moira McPartlin

Paul McVeigh

Simon Michael

Mark Mills

Benjamin Myers

Michael Nolan

Simon Okotie

Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir

Brad Parks

Christina Philippou

Deirdre Quiery

Angela Readman

Sam Reese

Shelan Rodger (interview 2014)

Shelan Rodger (interview 2017)

Shelan Rodger (guest post)

Rob Sinclair

Gunnar Staalesen

Michael Stanley

Yusuf Toropov

Sarah Vincent

Isabel Waidner

Beth Webb

Venetia Welby

Laura Williams (agent for Jem Lester)

Elli Woollard

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