Review Policy

This page is intended to offer guidance for those who wish to send me a book to review. If I read a book I will always review it giving my honest opinion. It is therefore in everyone’s interests that I only accept titles I am likely to enjoy.

  • Please be aware that I do not read ebooks.
  • I may miss some gems but I no longer review self-published works.
  • I am unlikely to enjoy any book that contains graphic descriptions of sex, especially if included purely for titillation.
  • I do not believe in a happy ever after so avoid romances – they annoy me.
  • I am unlikely to enjoy a book where every character is beautiful or where the pivotal action involves a vapid women being rescued by a man.
  • I have no interest in clothes, cooking or crafting.
  • I have enjoyed many psychological thrillers, action thrillers, and imaginative crime fiction but please do not offer me those written to a copycat formula. I like my books to have originality and depth.
  • I enjoy disturbing fiction including horror.
  • I enjoy poetry and experimental fiction, literary fiction and translated fiction from around the world.
  • I like to be challenged, to be made to think about the issues I am reading about.
  • I occasionally read fiction for children and young adults as well as that aimed at adults.
  • I would like to read more non fiction books, especially those covering a medical or nature subject. I am not an expert so the writing must be accessible.
  • I do not review celebrity or misery memoirs but have enjoyed memoirs written by medical professionals.

If you still wish to send me a book to review, publishers may contact me on Twitter. Apologies if I am tardy in responding – I receive a lot of requests.

If you offer me a book that clearly does not fit the above guidelines, I may not respond. Life is short and admin takes time.

I have removed my email address from this page as I received too many requests from self-published authors – I wish you well as writers but there are so many books out there and I cannot read them all.

Publicists please note, I no longer take part in blog tours.


About Robyn

In June 2020 I took on an intern as an additional reviewer. Her tastes in books differ to mine, plus she will accept ebooks. To find out more about her preferences, check out her bio – Robyn – in the menu above. If you wish to offer her a book to consider for review, feel free to DM either of us on Twitter.