Book Review: Dance With The Enemy


Dance With The Enemy, by Rob Sinclair, is an action adventure story with all the elements required to keep the reader engaged and entertained.

The protagonist, Carl Logan, is an experienced and capable government secret agent who has recently been physically and psychologically damaged in the line of duty. His rehabilitation has met with mixed success but his boss feels obliged to offer him the opportunity to resurrect his career. Against advice Carl is called back into the field to investigate the high profile kidnapping of America’s Attorney General by suspected terrorists.

The bare bones of the story are familiar. The agent is a loner, skilled in combat, not afraid to cause mayhem. He works with the knowledge that he will not be held accountable for his actions so long as he gets the job done. There are fight scenes, car chases, personal vendettas and the inevitable girl. This is a story that could appeal to fans of James Bond and the plethora of maverick, save the world heroes who have followed in his wake.

Carl is not, however, a slick, smooth mover and shaker. He is damaged goods, harbouring his resentments and sometimes making mistakes. As the story twists and turns his weaknesses dilute the cold efficiency required for the assigned mission. I may have felt more sympathy had benevolence been shown when the resultant outcome did not directly benefit him.

This is a well enough written tale with plenty of pace, tension and a neatly worked denouement. I felt sympathy for the innocents who got in his way but for readers looking for the escapism that this type of story offers, who consider bad guys to be fair game and collateral damage a necessary cost, Carl Logan is an apposite player.

My copy of this book was provided gratis by the author.