Monthly Roundup – November 2022


November has been somewhat frustrating as both husband and I have been suffering the lingering effects of a winter lurgy (no, not that one) that has sapped our energy. We had our final trip away of the year booked and paid for yet seriously considered whether we should go, if were up to the walking this would entail. I mean, what else does one do in the depths of Dartmoor? In the end we opted to travel and try to enjoy the fabulous location as best we could. For anyone interested, I reviewed the hotel we stayed in here and wrote of my teddy bear, Edward’s adventures here. We managed some lovely if shorter than usual walks – including in temperate rainforest (which I had been reading about, see below) – and the food was excellent.

Back home there were then periods of rest as we tried to recuperate. We continued to take part in Parkrun each week, with me running slowly and husband volunteering. By the end of the month I was going out during the week to pound our local tracks and lanes again, although at a glacial pace. We also returned to the gym for some lifting. Despite keeping things light – close to my normal warmup weights – muscles had obviously enjoyed their rest and complained about the return to working out. We persevere.

Student son has been affected by the university lecturer strikes and by some teaching moving online again. I do wonder what he is paying so much for. To be clear, I understand why the strikes are happening, but turning universities into businesses has had so many negative repercussions. It is hard to watch as a young person tries to learn in what is now a far from ideal environment. I am glad he still has his hockey and part-time job to get him out of the house on these dark days.

My other children keep themselves busy as ever, balancing jobs with attempts at a social life. Husband and I pulled out of plans to attend a friend’s birthday party due to our health issues, something I was quite relieved about but, being more sociable, he may have regretted. I have agreed to attend a Christmas work do with him and just hope I remember how to talk to people face to face.

I posted reviews for 10 books in November. Robyn had too much going on to write anything for the blog but hopes to contribute next month when she moves to a more predictable rotation.

As is customary in my monthly roundups, click on the title below to read the review and on the cover to learn more about the book.


Where I End  peckham experiment
Where I End by Sophie White, published by Tramp Press
The Peckham Experiment by Guy Ware, published by Salt

Sandstone City  malarkoi
The Sandstone City by Elaine Canning, published by Alderyn Press
Malarkoi by Alex Pheby, published by Galley Beggar

disobedient womenDisobedient Women by Sangeeta Mulay, published by Fly on the Wall Press

Translated Fiction

Dislocations  Ruth
Dislocations by Sylvia Molloy (translated by Jennifer Croft), published by Charco Press
Ruth by Guillem Viladot (translated by P. Louise Johnson), published by Fum d’Estampa

Short Stories

Lunate vol 1
Lunate vol. 1, published by Lunate Journal

Non Fiction

Phobias and Manias  lost rainforests
The Book of Phobias and Manias by Kate Summerscale, published by Profile
The Lost Rainforests of Britain by Guy Shrubsole, published by William Collins

Sourcing the books

Robyn continues to order the special editions of books she one day hopes to read.

Robyn books november 22 spines  Robyn books november 22

I received a handful of titles to add to my review pile, some of which didn’t linger there.

Books received Jackie november

As ever I wish to thank all the publishers who send me their books to review – the arrival of a book parcel remains a cheering event in my day.

My thanks also to those who share my words across their social media platforms – your continuing support is always appreciated.

And to everyone reading this, I wish you and yours good health and the ability to pause and enjoy all that is still beautiful in our world and lives. May we strive, at all times, to be kind  xx