Book Review: The Ladybird Book of the Nerd

My husband reads special interest magazines, and blogs that encourage him to believe his point of view is valid and widely held. I was therefore surprised last week when he announced he had bought a book – until he showed it to me. He believes this is the perfect Secret Santa gift for a colleague. Given his line of work I suspect he may be correct – in this at least. Before wrapping, I decided to slip in a quick review.

The Ladybird Book of the Nerd, by JA Hazely and JP Morris (illustrated by various artists), is one of the latest offerings from the Ladybird Books for Grown-ups series (you may read my review of The Ladybird Book of The Meeting here). These pithy and amusing little hardbacks offer clear and entertaining text alongside original artwork from the Ladybird series’ that the grown-up readers may remember from their childhoods. To gain a flavour I offer some examples from its pages.



I ponder what it says about me that I recognise friends and acquaintances in each of these, and many more from the remaining pages. The third made me laugh especially. How must teachers regard the parents of such children, unless of course they share the interests.

Although quickly read The Nerd still entertained. That it got my husband to spend his money in a bookshop is also a big win.

Ladybird Books for grown-ups are published by Michael Joseph.